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        a.p. Guru

        In case you experience such an issue you need to provide some details, e.g. a full list of files in the VM's folder (with file names, extensions, sizes, time stamps). In addition to this attach a .zip archive with all the VM's log files to a reply post. After reviewing this information it should be possible to proceed with the next steps.




        PS: It would also be helpful to understand what happened, i.e. what caused the issue.

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          wakaIT Novice

          Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 7.52.00 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-01-16 at 7.52.18 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-01-16 at 7.54.41 PM.png

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            a.p. Guru

            Please download dsfok.zip from http://faq.sanbarrow.com/index.php?action=artikel&cat=47&id=111&artlang=en, extract the executables to the VM's folder, run the below mentioned command in the VM's folder, then compress/zip all the "xxx-....bin" files and attach the .zip archive to a reply post

            for %i in (fortimail-vm-64bit-1024gb-hw7-disk1*.vmdk) do @dsfo.exe "%i" 0 1536 "xxx-%~ni.bin"

            Unless already done, make sure you backup the VM's files!



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              wakaIT Novice

              Hi Andre,

              Apologies for the late response, backup took longer than expected,



              Please see attached files as requested.

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                wakaIT Novice

                Zip files

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                  a.p. Guru

                  The virtual disk's snapshot chain is broken. That's usually casued by accessing the base .vmdk directly, bypassing the snapshot .vmdk.

                  To fix the snapshot chain you need to edit "xxx-fortimail-vm-64bit-1024gb-hw7-disk1-000003.bin" (or fortimail-vm-64bit-1024gb-hw7-disk1-000003.vmdk directly) using a Hex-Editor. Make sure the characters are replaced/overwritten rather than to be inserted. Inserting or deleting bytes (i.e. changing the file size) will destroy the virtual disk, so please be very careful with this! What needs to be modified is the parentCID=fb5719f1. The correct value for parentCID is bea18cce (the base disk's CID). If you are going to edit the .bin file you have to re-insert the data into the .vmdk file using dsfi.exe from the package. If you are unsure how to proceed, please get back to me and I will assist once I'm back at home.



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                    wakaIT Novice

                    Hello Andre,


                    So please how can you help with this?

                    Do we grant you a team viewer session?

                    Awaiting your prompt response

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                      a.p. Guru

                      Please extract the modified file from the attachted .zip archive and then inject the data into the .vmdk file.

                      dsfi.exe fortimail-vm-64bit-1024gb-hw7-disk1-000003.vmdk 0 1536 xxx-fortimail-vm-64bit-1024gb-hw7-disk1-000003.new

                      Remember that since the base file was probably modified, you should run chkdsk on the disk to fix a possible file system corruption.

                      Please consider to backup all the VM's files prior do do the modification!



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                        wakaIT Novice

                        fortimail error.png


                        Hello Andre

                        I injected the data unto the .vmdk file as you said and also ran chkdsk by running the command and it was repaired as seen below:

                        C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware Workstation>vmware-vdiskmanager -R "C:\User

                        s\Administrator\Documents\Virtual Machines\fortimail-vm-64bit-1024gb-hw7\fortima


                        The virtual disk, 'C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Virtual Machines\fortimail-v

                        m-64bit-1024gb-hw7\fortimail-vm-64bit-1024gb-hw7-disk1-000003.vmdk', was corrupt

                        ed and has been successfully repaired.


                        Now the error is on the fortimail-vm-64bit-1024gb-hw7-disk2-000004.vmdk file......can you help me with the dsfi.exe file i can use to inject the correct parent ID unto fortimail-vm-64bit-1024gb-hw7-disk2-000004.vmdk?

                        Thanks so much

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                          a.p. Guru

                          The issue with this virtual disk seems to be different. Please close VMware Workstation and then delete all remaining files and folders with a .lck extension (on both partitions).



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                            wakaIT Novice

                            These are the files currently on the virtual machine directory. I deleted all files with .lck in this directory. stili I am still having the mismatch error.c drive rackspace.png

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                              SavkoorSuhas Expert

                              May I suggest this command?


                              for x in `ls *.vmdk | grep -v flat | grep -v delta` ; do echo $x ; egrep "CID|vmdk" $x ; echo ; done



                              Run this command once you are in the VM folder via ssh of the esxi host.

                              This will output cid pid and disk info of the vmdks

                              Copy it to a notepad and verify the chain structure.


                              Got a small analysis for the same in this link



                              Let us know if this helps.




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                                a.p. Guru

                                To be honest, I'm kind of confused. In a previous post the ...-disk2-00004.vmdk was located on the D: drive, and now it's in the VM's directory on the C: drive. Can you please clarify what exactly is going on?

                                To verify whether it's a CID issue run the following command in the VM's folder, compress all the .bin files, and attach the .zip archive to a reply post.

                                for %i in (*.vmdk) do @dsfo.exe "%i" 0 1536 "xxx-%~ni.bin"


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                                  wakaIT Novice

                                  Hi Andre,

                                  As at Friday, when the VM was working fine, we had ...disk2.00004.vdmk file on C drive...we only moved it to D drive so as to have more space for it as C drive was getting exhausted.

                                  But now that our focus is to get the virtual machine back online, we are putting all the files back on C drive and ignoring the little disk space left.

                                  In faact , all the files on C drive now are  actually backup files for Friday which were restored back to their original location.


                                  I have attached the result from the command you asked me to run

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