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    VCSA Windows plug-in not authenticating with pass-through Windows credentials/Smart cards

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      We have a support ticket on this, but thought I'd see if anyone else has this issue resolved already.  We are standing up a brand new VCSA6 appliance.  We have joined it to our domain and added the domain as an authentication source (default even) and while we can successfully authenticate local accounts and domain accounts by typing in the username/password, if we attempt to pass through the Windows credentials, it fails with an "Error 400"





      Ultimately we need Windows credentials to work so we can connect using our smart cards. Is anyone logging into their VCSA appliance with smart cards?


      This appears to be a plug-in issue and is probably a conflict with our GPO or host security software.


      And this all works fine on our existing vCenter 5.5 server (windows based).