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    weak ephemeral Diffie-Hellman public key in vCenter Support Assistant Build 2632669

    ZeevEisenberg Novice

      I setup the vCenter Support Assistant, no problems. But when I used Chrome (v47) to access it, I got a 'weak ephemeral DH public key' error. I tried to give it a signed cert from our internal Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise CA, but no joy. IE works, but Chrome won't. What can I do to get rid of this blocking error (besides switching to IE, which is not a good solution)? I saw a note about updating some server.xml files on VCOrchestrator for the same issue, but I can't find a comparable file on the Support Asst appliance. As far as I can tell, our CA used a template that uses the Microsoft Enhanced RSA and AES Cryptographic Provider, sha256, 2048bit keys - what is weak about it? What have I missed?


      Does anyone have any ideas?