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    P2V coverts iSCSI disks as RAW

    SteveWag Novice

      Trying to P2V a 2008 R2 server.

      The local C: & D: drives convert fine but three other drives which are iSCSI end up as 'RAW' in disk management.

      When I look at the vmdk files in the servers datastore folder they show as having copied as the files are roughly the space used on the physical server (thin provisioned).


      This is on ESXi 5.5 latest update using the 6.0 converter locally from the server, it shows no errors before or after just ends up with the drives unusable and asking me to format them.

      I've tried twice now, both times have ended up in this situation, all other conversions I've done haven't resulted in this weird drive state.


      Any thoughts?