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    Access to VCSA through SSH and/or local console is NOT working. Help!

    BaptisteR Lurker



      It's been hours I try to connect to vcsa through ssh or even on the local console. It is activated on the DCUI of vcsa. My password is correct since I can access the DCUI but I can't access either with ssh (access denied) or with the local console.


      On the local console, I have nothing written, it send me back to the prompt again and again. If I use a wrong password, it tells me that my login is incorrect.


      I tried to restart vcsa, turning off and on ssh but nothing is working. If someone has an idea...


      I even try to change my password but it didn't help. I also checked if DCUI may be bugged but on the vsphere web client, ssh is also shown as on.

      Thank you a lot for your help !