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    Resizing hard disk updates disk values on vcloud director but does not actually increase the hard disk

    shards Lurker


      I am new to vcloud api java sdk. I am trying to update the virtualHardwareSection of a VM and updating the values to user input values. When i login to vcloud director and open up the hardware properties of VM ( VM > Properties > Hardware), the values are shown correctly i.e., the values gets updated.

      But when i login to the VM and check the hard disk space, its not updated. I have seen many posts on the same and seems like it has to be manually extended using disk management tool or something similar.


      Can you please confirm that updating virtual disk size , updates values on vcloud director and it has to be manually extended for the VM ?


      Is there a way to resize the hard disk space at the time of compose vapp ? ( I have seen post on creating InstantiateVmHardwareCustomizationParamsType when instantiating vApp but nothing during composing vApp).