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    Teaming and failover status comes up as warning -- NON IP Hash mismatch

    lvaibhavt Hot Shot

      Hi All,


      In my home lab I have created a Distributed Switch and enabled health check. I checked and found that the teaming and health status was coming up as unknown. Screen shot attached.

      error 2.png


      After 3 minutes I got an alert in the VI client for the host stating vds teaming mismatch status. Snapshot attached.

      error 1.png


      As I cleared the alarm the teaming and health status changed from unknown to warning. NON IP Hash mismatch. snapshot attached.

      error 3.png


      I have checked all the port groups and I am not running IP Hash on any port group. I have restarted services.sh but no go. I did check vmkernel.log file but could not find anything informative. I am running esxi 5.5 U1 and VC 5.5


      I am running my environment in VMware Workstation 11


      Any suggestion how to resolve NON IP Hash mismatch error.