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    Test Schema validation

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      I'm creating a lab enviroment and I have a problems when I create a cluster. Is always the same:





      C:\Windows\System32>photon cluster create -n Swarm2 -k Swarm --dns --gateway --netmask --etcd1 192

      .168.209.55  -s 2

      Using target ''

      etcd server 2 static IP address (leave blank for none):


      Creating cluster: Swarm2 (SWARM)

        Slave count: 2


      Are you sure [y/n]? y

      2015/12/24 11:48:03 esxcloud: Task 'b2db9335-6570-460c-aa7d-39853afe8175' is in error state. Examine task for full details.

      API Errors: [esxcloud: { HTTP status: '0', code: 'InternalError', message: 'Failed to rollout SwarmMaster. Error: MultiException[java.lang.I

      llegalStateException: VmProvisionTaskService failed with error VM failed to acquire an IP address. /photon/clustermanager/vm-provision-tasks

      /2cb263d5-b58c-40f0-a50d-1d87fb42228b]', data: 'map[]' }]




      I'm not using MAC neither windows desktop for the photon client, I'm using a vCenter wirh W2012R2. My Photon controller has 8 GB and 4 vCPUS.

      I do not find the problem, but It has relation with the next mistake inside documentaion:


      Troubleshooting Cluster Failure Error Error Msg: "Failed to rollout SwarmMaster" Symptom: when creating cluster, the system hangs at step 4/5 for more than 10 minutes and then reports error. Cause: DHCP service was not 'on' for VNET_8. Solution1: Set answer VNET_8_DHCP yes at /Library/Preferences/VMware\ Fusion/networking Set VNET_8_NAT yes as well Solution2: Memory is very constrained in the devbox. Sometimes this causes the Photon Controller containers to be shut down by Docker when an out of memory condition occurs. Log in to and execute docker ps. If any of those containers are not running, you can restart the the VM. If you have enough RAM, increase the memory on this VM beyond the default 3 GB. Check for Out of Memory errors by executing dmesg.


      I attach the infraestruture scheme.




      any idea ?