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    Update and design question

    krowczynski1980 Novice


      Hello community,

      i have a following design and update question about vSphere 6 with SRM.


      In out of our subsidiaries we have the following installation configured:


      - VMware vSphere 5.5 U3 enviroment with Site Recovery Manager installed that is running on 5.8.
      - Two vCenter server running within a linked mode configuration, so you only need to access one vCenter server to see both sides.


      No we would like to update to vSphere 6 and here I have some question how to dit it in the best way.
      Would it be a good thing or maybe it is mandatory to have an external Platform service controller installed in the vSphere environment and then start the upgrade to vSphere 6, or should each side have its "own" PSC.



      Thank you for some hints and in formations from your side.


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          vbrowncoat Expert
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          Have you read the documentation regarding upgrading to SRM 6 located here: Site Recovery Manager 6.0 Documentation Center


          That will answer all of you questions, including your one about PSCs. A short summary, you want a PSC for each site. The reason for this is that you want each site to be completely independent from the other.


          If you read the docs and still have questions please post them.

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            krowczynski1980 Novice



            thank you for this information, I will take a deeper look at the docs page.
            The question here is, if it is better to have a PSC on each site or only a "central" one, but I supose if we will do a InPlace Upgrade it will end up of having a PSC on the main and the DR site

            What about the linked mode after the update, will it still work???


            Thank you for soem feedback here.

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              It is better to have one at each site because you want each site to be independent. If the recovery site has to rely on the protected site (or another site) for recovery, it isn't really DR.


              Linked mode in vSphere 6 is now called "enhanced linked-mode" and it is much easier to configure and use. You only have to join a PSC to an existing SSO domain to enable enhanced linked mode. More details are available in the docs for vCenter/PSC.