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    vSphere API  -  Performance Monitoring Question - Should I use PerformanceManager or QuickStats to query the API?

    amirsafayan Novice

      I'm building a script to query the vSphere API for various critical performance metrics for CPU, MEM, Network and Disk performance metrics from vCenter.  

      I'll then use this data to set various thresholds to generate alerts and also graph performance.


      My question is - should I query the API using the PerformanceManager methods or simply grab the "quick stats" data objects?


      Here is what I found in this vSphere documentation: vSphere Documentation Center

      "You can obtain near real-time summary information about performance or utilization without using the PerformanceManager methods. vSphere servers maintain “quick stats” data objects for hosts (HostListSummaryQuickStats), virtual machines (VirtualMachineQuickStats), and resource pools (ResourcePoolQuickStats). For more information about these objects, see the vSphere API Reference."


      It seems that the PerformanceManager method provides far more "Performance Providers" than the "quick stats" as summarized below:


      PerformanceManager >> Performance Providers:

      Cluster Services


          Management Agent



          Resource Scheduler

          Storage Capacity:

              Datastore / Virtual Machine

          Storage I/O:



              Virtual Disk

              Storage Adapter

              Storage Path


          Virtual Machine Operations


      Quick Stats



               Resource Pools


      Anyone grappled with this question before?


      Thank you!