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    vSphere Hardening Alerting - Exclude VMs

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      I have vSphere Hardening configured in vROPs which is working fine, I have some membership criteria defined looking at specific VM names. There are other VMs I don't want to alert on at all,  for these VMs I created another group and added this group as an exclusion. This seems to be completely ignored and VMs are alerting which haven't been hardened. These VM names I added to an exclusion group which is configured in the same vSphere 5.5 Hardening Guide Policy.  Any idea what the issue is?

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          Can you please explain in detail or add a screenshot -  how exactly you added the group as an exclusion? For the task you described, I would just create a group and disable the two hardening alerts explicitly in the policy applied to this group. I guess, something is wrong in the way the policy is applied in your environment, you should doublecheck the active policy for the VM and then in policy editing dialog check if the "hardening" alert is enabled locally or inherited.