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    vSAN 6.1 - how to remove a non-existent group (all disks in HBA mode)?

    malefik Enthusiast

      Hello everybody!

      I experimented with vSAN 6.1, then removed the test cluster with esxi-hosts (the absolutely correct way, with the elimination of hosts vSphere).

      After that, I completely reinstalled hypervisor esxi on the hosts, created a new cluster and introduced it hosts.

      However, Disk Managment in vSAN appeared old disk group from a deleted cluster marked "Absent". How can this be?

      Now I can not remove this non-existent disk group.

      In the WEB-client is issued a message: "A general system error occurred: Disk is not mounted on this host".

      For the command line "esxcli vsan storage remove -s" the message: "Unable to remove device: Disk mapping is not mounted on this host"


      Help please - how to delete group?