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    Point me in right direction re Cloud

    Ivolux Lurker


      I`m currently in a process of setting up a virtual machine on Azure. But I need some advice on any VMWARE products I might need to archive what I`m after.


      My business idea:

      1. I have created software that runs in windows

      2. I have created Virtual machine in Azure and placed my software on it.

      3. I then need to give my customers remote access to my virtual machine to access my software. (users virtual machine must be always ON for my software to work)

      4. I need to manage my customers usage on my virtual machine (suspend, kick out, don't allow downloads or uploads from browser ect) to protect my virtual machine resources and my software.

      5. I need to easy create new users for my virtual machine with predifined user desktops.


      Any help with this would be much appreciated.