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        dl111122 Lurker

        How about giving me (us?) a product roadmap of if and when you plan to support Solaris 11.

        I realize it isn't a common guest OS, but I would like to know if Solaris is simply not in your roadmap


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          Woodmeister50 Novice

          How about giving me (us?) a product roadmap of if and when you plan to support Solaris 11.

          I realize it isn't a common guest OS, but I would like to know if Solaris is simply not in your roadmap


          With the recent layoffs/re-stucturing, I wonder if there will even be a road map!

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            Mikero Master
            VMware Employees

            We have never discussed roadmap publicly and that policy is not changing, I apologize.

            Please be assured that there is a roadmap!

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              r2h2 Lurker

              I have been using Fusion  OS X and CentOS guests to separate my office from development and test environments for several years now, and it has many more benefits than disadvantages.


              * My major pain with Linux guests is poor mapping a special characters - try to find a vertical bar having a German keyboard :-(   This should work out-of-the-box, but if it does not, same graphical tool to browse and correct the keyboard mappings would really help. Clip board used to be a major pain as well - seems to be fixed with CentOS7 and current Fusion Pro.


              * I am missing a connection option to the host system via the vm network - I can link only guests, but cannot provide e.g. an HTTP-proxy for all guests.


              * I would love to isolate my office environment security-wise into a separate OS X guest, instead of running it on the host. I do not dare yet, because of the increased consumption of battery. Sometimes even finder starts to consume one CPU with 100% until restarted - the MacBook Pro becomes hot. An option set sleep patterns after some inactivity, e.g. sleep after 5 min of inactivity for 30 minutes would be nice.


              - Rainer

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                owells Novice

                As others have noted copy/paste between the host and guest OS has been flaky for years. I've used Fusion versions 5-8 and they have all had issues with this. Especially in Unity mode. Usually a suspend/resume would clear it up. Sometimes a restart of the VM was necessary. On occasion reinstalling VMware Tools was needed to restore the functionality. It's been an ongoing PITA quite frankly. And that's not a good look considering the fact that Fusion licenses aren't exactly cheap. Now I'm running Fusion 8.1. Copy/Paste between the host and guest OS seems quite reliable in single window mode with my Windows 7 VM. But with my Windows 10 VM it simply does not function at all. No amount of restarting the VM, repairing/uninstalling/reinstalling VMware Tools, rebooting my laptop, etc. has made it work. My feedback? Fix this ongoing issue once and for all! But now I'm hearing that the Fusion team has been laid off and support has been moved offshore. I suspect a migration to Parallels is likely going to be necessary if my Windows 10 issue doesn't get resolved sooner rather than later.

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                  CuriosTiger Enthusiast

                  I suppose VMware's platitudes about how they will continue to develop Workstation and Fusion are meant to be reassuring, but I find them extremely hard to believe. After all, they just literally got rid of everyone who made these products.


                  I expect we will see a decline in quality and an increase in serious bugs until the programs become unusable. VMware beancounters, shocked that firing the entire development staff turns out to negatively impact sales, will then decide to discontinue them.


                  An unworthy end, but an inevitable one, I fear.

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                    dlhotka Master

                    I've a bit of a different perspective, having a few decades in the industry.  This is a typical offshoring move - every large company has done, and is doing it, and their products continue.  Will we see impact?  Maybe.  But I've no doubt that development will continue.  The open question is if Apple makes big changes to OSX 10.12, will Fusion be timely in supporting them?  If they are, then things will be just fine.

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                      CuriosTiger Enthusiast

                      I've seen outsourcing done before, and commitment or no commitment, I'm skeptical. There's no shortage of formerly excellent products where offshoring turned out to be a disaster -- even when outsourced to good developers abroad. Executives often tend to think a programmer is a programmer, and assign no value to the years of experience, familiarity and knowledge of the product that they lose in a layoff. When an entire team is laid off at once, the impact is even worse.


                      I hope I'm wrong. I like Fusion, and I'd like to be able to continue to use it. As you implied with your 10.12 question, we'll find out one way or the other.

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                        r2h2 Lurker

                        I agree - programs productivity ranges 1 to 20 between people. And experience is one driver. 


                        Recently I was not excited to note, that the old copy/paste error sometimes re-appeares in 8.1.0, where the first paste in a guest OS X gest an old value and the second on the current clipboard from the host OS. OTOH my experience with VMWare support is quite good, I received calls from reasonably knowledgeable guys who would fix my problem (unfortunately not clipboard and character sets). This is at least some offset.


                        My yardstick for the success of fusion will be if they can at least keep the current quality and fix clipboard and character sets in the next 6 months.

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                          vmxmr Hot Shot

                          This is my first post in this thread since I became aware of the changes at VMware regarding the development team layoffs and VMware's decision to outsource development work to China. Please take the time to read my previous post in this thread.

                          dlhotka and others make good points about outsourcing development work.

                          I have had decades in the industry too. I have worked for companies that outsourced software development to China and India, where I had various levels of involvement and experience in the process. There are potential upsides and possible downsides to VMware's decision to outsource some of its development to China. The obvious upsides are a cost savings to VMware and a large pool of resources to draw from. The possible downsides are too many to list, and I sincerely hope that VMware's management has given them the extensive due diligence that they deserve.

                          It takes a long time for any developer to internalize a large body of highly specialized, complex source code and make meaningful contributions to it. The loss of historical knowledge and institutional memory regarding key design and implementation decisions will be difficult to recover. The place where we are likely to see the most timely and most effective early contribution from outsourcing is in QA, which is desperately needed for VMware Fusion. Of course, it will only help to grow the bug list in the short term.

                          From my perspective as a VMware customer and user, I worry about the growing number of software bugs that have appeared with each new release of VMware Fusion and VMware's inability to fix them in a timely manner. Despite the product issues, I chose to pay out of my own pocket for upgrades, and much of that was motivated by my desire to underwrite the cost of further development for a product that I depend on. That is especially true regarding my investments in Fusion versions 7 and 8, for which I knew some of the issues and harbored no illusions. Customers of mine are still happily running VMware Fusion 6. I advised them not to upgrade. That advice comes from personal and professional integrity as well as the desire to avoid destabilizing their well-running systems.


                          I do not expect major product advances in terms of bug fixes or features in the near term. I wonder what we will see if VMware Fusion 9 appears in August or September?

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                            Woodmeister50 Novice

                            I am agreement with youCuriosTiger.  Such a carte blanche elimination of experience and knowledge

                            can only yield at best short term issues, delayed product fixes, and buggy future versions simply due

                            to the fact the new personnel do not understand the product or the user base.  Such short term problems

                            will ultimately lead to a diminishing user base, reducing income for the group, meaning further personnel

                            reductions, leading to even slower fixes and new versions, etc.


                            Personally, I had seen such moves happen too often lead to no good things coming of it.  Success and

                            advancements after such moves are quite rare and more often than not result in failure and the end

                            of a product.

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                              dl111122 Lurker

                              Can you at least state whether VMware Fusion plans to support Solaris 11?

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                                alauzon Lurker

                                I am more than happy with VMWare Fusion's functionality.  However, it lacks low-latency audio.  Please consider adding low-latency virtual audio to a future release.

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                                  ldanielc Novice

                                  Hi Mike.


                                  I have been a longtime user of Fusion, and my use case is probably different than most.  I have a dual-core i5 iMac (4 cores with hyperthreading) with 32GB RAM, and I run 4 VMs 24x7 on it: CentOS 6, Windows 10 Pro, ESXi 5.1, and ESXi 6.0.  Inside each ESXi instance (each one gets 2 CPUs and 10GB RAM), I run anywhere from 5-10 VMs; obviously these are small instances, mostly Linux and BSD.  Inside of Fusion, I also run various versions of OS X, but not 24x7.


                                  First, I'd like to see different operation in full screen mode, specifically related to the menu bar.  I generally use full screen mode when running an OS X VM, and whenever I move my cursor to the top of the screen, the VMware Fusion menu bar appears too quickly, or it doesn't appear at all.  I'd like a configurable delay, or maybe another way to get to the Fusion menu bar (perhaps something like what Microsoft has done when running the Windows version of Remote Desktop Client in full screen mode), because I frequently hit that menu bar instead of the VM's menu bar, and that can get frustrating.


                                  Second, I'd like to have Unity support for OS X VMs.  I often run an OS X VM to access a different VPN than the one I'm using on my host system, and I'd prefer the VM to not be windowed or full screen.


                                  Third, I'd really like to see Fusion support NFS-hosted VMDKs.  Today I store all of my VMs on my NAS, and I have to use an iSCSI initiator to get a block-level device from my NAS on which I can store my Fusion VMs.  ESXi works perfectly with NFS-hosted VMDKs, so I know that VMware (as a company) has the technology to do this.


                                  Fourth, I too would like to have full support for headless VMs.  As others have stated, I would like the ability to run VMs on boot without forcing a user login.  Also, I would like to be able to run the 4 VMs I run 24x7, without requiring a running Fusion GUI app.  I would also like to be able to access the console of those VMs with VMware Remote Console, in the way that I access the consoles of my ESXi VMs with VMRC.  As others have stated, it would be nice to have the ability to configure a VM's suspend and startup to be coincidental with the Mac's shutdown and boot, in the same way that ESXi can do.


                                  Fifth, I am a huge user of various OSes, and I would love to see full support for OS/2 v1.x and 2.x.  I know that this will never happen, but you asked.


                                  You have probably (correctly) guessed that I have begun moving my hypervisor usage away from Fusion and toward ESXi because it supports the features I mentioned.  I would rather use Fusion, but today it is missing these important features.


                                  I'm sure I have other thoughts; I will post those when they come to me.

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                                    vmxmr Hot Shot

                                    Hi Daniel (?) - Sorry to hijack this thread, but here is a solution to one of your feature requests - automatic startup of virtual machines. I just created this procedure for you and others:


                                    Procedure to Automatically Launch a Virtual Machine at Mac Startup