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    Unable to modify/repair/uninstall srm service 6.1

    dbutch1976 Hot Shot



      I made a mistake during the initial installation of SRM on two servers.  I was able to successfully uninstall and reinstall it on one server by uninstalling SRM, then uninstalling the embedded database.  On the second server I made the mistake of uninstalling the embedded database PRIOR to uninstalling the SRM service.


      Now modifying/repairing/uninstalling the SRM 6.1 service all fail.



      (I have tried it with Delete Site Recovery Manager data ticked on and off)

















      I am able to make it a bit further when I modify, I enter my admin credentials, virtual center name, however I get stuck here since the backend database has already been removed:




      So basically, I can see no way forward and no way back.  I could just deploy a new VM and install SRM on it from scratch, however I am concerned that if I try to link it to my vCenter it won't work because there is already an SRM server linked to it.


      How do I remove this safely and gracefully?  Barring a graceful uninstall, how can I force it?