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    ESXi 6.0 newbie questions

    aaron_sf Novice

      I'm trying out the free version of ESXi 6 on my MacPro 6,1  .. so far so good, works great!

      But the vSphere client that only runs on Windows is a bit of a pain - especially when it comes to mouse/cursor control of the VM via the Console .. it's just broken.

      So I wanted to try the web interface... but i'm thoroughly confused as to where to find that and how to install it...


      I'm coming to the conclusion (from reading snippets scattered all over the place) that the web interface is now bundled in something called vCenter? If this is so, well I tried downloading that but it said I wasn't allowed - I'm wondering if that's because i'm on the free ESXi license? Same goes for the appliance...


      I've seen articles about a new embedded web interface that sits right on the esxi host - but this seems to be a work in progress....?


      Q: What is the official web interface for users of the free ESXi 6 hypervisor? Where can I download it and how do I install it.