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    AppVols upgrade to 2.10 "NTLM Authentication failed for: Domain\user. Virtualization is disabled"

    PeteJohns Lurker



      Last night we upgraded from 2.9 to 2.10, tested and tested as much as we could and were happy so went live. This morning users (and myself!) are reporting that upon login you receive the error and no stacks get attached. Logging out and back in again occasionally fixes the issue but at the moment it is not consistent at all. Very close to rolling back but I'd rather go forwards!



      App Volumes Message

      Error from Manager <dns name> (error code 401):

      NTLM Authentication failed for: <Domain\user>

      Virtualization is disabled


      Horizon View 6.2.

      5 domain controllers on Server 2012 R2

      ESXi 6


      Any ideas?

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