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    Change vcloud template to Goldmaster

    linusmid Lurker

      Im building a script that creates a vApp template from an existing vApp i vCloud.

      The problem is that im not able to change the attribute IsGoldMaster on the existing vApp template created.

      This is what im using to create the template:


      $myVApp = Get-CIVApp vAppname

      #Create template from vApp

      $myVApp | New-CIVAppTemplate -Name $templatename -OrgVdc $vcloudorg -Catalog $Catalog -Description 'UpdatedTemplate' -CustomizeOnInstantiate:$true


      I see there is a way to add the -GoldMaster switch on the Import-CIVappTemplate but not on New-CIVappTemplate command. Is it possible to change IsGoldMaster attribute on existing template?
      Or do anyone have a better way to do this?