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    Snapshots kept around long enough to where the Computer account password in Active Directory  has expired - This was noticed after restore from a snapshop completed.  Any alternative setups out there to remedy this nuisance?

    AndyAdmin Novice

      I'm curious if anyone has implemented a solution to this particular problem? 


      In AD, a computer account renews it's password every 30 days I believe, so depending on when a snapshot is restored, it may be at a point where the computer account password in AD doesn't match up and that adds a task for the Network Admin to readd the computer to the domain. 

      So the longest that a snapshot would be kept w/o any issues is 30 days and the shortest is 1 day.  It all depends on the last time the computer password auto renewed and when the snapshot was taken. 


      It's a bit of a pain. 


      I'm curious if this is pretty typical and everyone simply accepts this manual process? 

      Or if some have implemented a solution to get around this problem?