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    USC Viterbi School of Engineering’s VDI deployment

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      InformationWeek ran a piece on USC Viterbi School of Engineering’s VDI deployment. This article --Virtual Desktops Make The Grade At USC - InformationWeek-- is highlighting the benefits of NVIDIA GRID to marry BYOD with high performance of graphics-intensive applications.


      The following insightful quote by Michael Goay --IT executive director at the Viterbi School of Engineering-- was extracted from this article:

      [...] Admitting that VDI has been in academic institutions for years, Goay said that the aim of this project was quite specific. "Our intention was for graphics-intensive applications," he said. To meet the intention, the department matched VMware vSphere hypervisors with servers of two different configurations. According to a case study sponsored by VMware and NVIDIA on the project, the project is run on "... eight Dell PowerEdge R720 servers equipped with 384GB of RAM, Teradici APEX PCoIP-offload cards, and local SSDs that boot non-persistent linked clones." Divided into two groups of four, one group of servers carry two NVIDIA GRID K1 cards and one Teradici card each while the other group is equipped with two NVIDIA GRID K2 cards and two Teradici cards each. [...]


      Virtual Desktops Make The Grade At USC  - InformationWeek


      Please feel free to share the link above.