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    Get templates by vSphere tag name

    pelleasdaphnis Novice

      What's the shortest, most direct call to get a list of templates by a given vSphere tag applied to them? With VMs it's easy with "Get-VM -Tag <my_tag>", but there's not a similar way with templates.

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          DZ1 Hot Shot

          You could pull them if they are in the same tag category.  Get-TagAssignment -Category 'Your category'.  Assuming all the templates are in the 'Your category' category, you would pull all of them. 

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            pelleasdaphnis Novice

            There would be multiple tags in this category, plus running this cmdlet returns objects only.

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              TheCrazyConsultant Enthusiast


              There is no direct call.


              TAG in the web client are not available in the standard API.

              In others words the PowerCLI team has done a great job with get-vm and the parameter “TAG” which is very convenient.


              Create a feature request and ask the PowerCLI team to add “TAG” as a parameter to the get-template cmdlet.



              I have created this function as a dirty workaround.


              function Get-TemplateWithTag{





                  $AllTemplatesAndTag = get-template | foreach {($MyTemplate = $_)} | get-tagassignment | select-object @{name="Template";Expression={$MyTemplate}}, @{name="TagName";Expression={$_.tag.Name}},@{name="TagCategory";Expression={$_.tag.Category}}


                  $AllTemplateWithDuplicate = $AllTemplatesAndTag | foreach-object{

                          if ($TagNameArray -contains $_.TagName){





                  $AllTemplateWithoutDuplicate = $AllTemplateWithDuplicate | get-unique





              $TagNameArray = "VM Level","Datacenter01"


              Get-TemplateWithTag -TagNameArray $TagNameArray


              The output will be one or many Template objects. Only one template will be reported even if one template is associated to multiples tag name in the $TagNameArray


              I am not using TAG object as a parameter.
              It should be possible but in that case it will be necessary to check against TagName and TagCategory.

              It is a workaround so i keep it simple.

              Known limitation, it will not work well with a tag with an identical name in two separate category.


              In my testlab i have the following tags:

              Category Name

              Location Datacenter01

              Backup VM level

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                pelleasdaphnis Novice

                That's great, thanks for your efforts, TheCrazyConsultant! I have put in a request with Alan and the PowerCLI powers that be, and I will be looking at your function more closely over the weekend.