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    How to add the metrics for 'Port group', 'Switch', 'HW Version', 'Tools Version number' and others

    parmarnandish Lurker

      I am looking to pull out a report of all the VMs in my vSphere World and I created a View (For a report) as attached.

      I am on vROps 6.1

      I added all other metrics that I wanted like CPU, MEMORY, HOST, VCENTER Etc, but I am not able to add the following metrics/properties when I look for subject 'Virtual Machine' :


      'Port Group' , 'Switch', 'HW Version of VM', 'Tools Version number', 'Datastore the VMX/VMDK is on'


      I also want to list the Host Version, vCenter Version and the Host UUID in the same View, where the subject would be Virtual Machines and one of the metric is Host. I want to add Host Version, vCenter Version and Host UUID based on the metric Host.