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    Correct Request for Enhancement process for enterprise customers

    riaanvn Novice

      Dear VMware


      We are a large financial institution with both Technical Account Management and Business Critical Support from VMware. We have been struggling for months to log various feature requests (to name just one, features that are missing from the Web Client, e.g. search in DRS groups). Can you confirm that logging requests on the community forum is in fact the correct route to follow?


      We have been told by presenters at VMWorld Europe (a VMware employee) that this is the route to follow after not being able to log requests via what we consider the official channels). This came as quite a surprise, as VMware would be the only vendor I and my colleagues have ever worked with, to suggest this route.


      According to the TAM datasheet


      one of the TAM value areas is "Customer Advocacy - Advocate for prioritization of feature requests into release cycle"


      We are not seeing any of this value. This a cause of great frustration to us and embarrassment to our TAM.


      If this forum not the correct route, please point us in the right direction.



      Riaan van Niekerk