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    NSX ESG/DLR-Edge for L2 gateway, outside vCenter (standalone) install?

    Mutant_Tractor Novice

      Hi Guys,


      We have a use case in that multiple tenants would be using NSX, in order to keep the Edge of the network and all N/S traffic in one rack (makes uplink connectivity much easier) we'd like to deploy the ESGs/DLR-Edges on some - Edge - hosts.


      Is there an option, like in NSX-MH to standalone deploy Edges (not the L2 VPN one - that seems like a nasty temp-hack for on boarding customers only) on a cluster that is not owned by that NSX Manager and vCenter server?


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      I ask because I know VMware are shooting for feature parity for MH and -V, this would be a natural extension (to split-out deploy of gateways to allow for manual provisioning).


      I am aware there are multiple L2 HW gateways out there like the Arista 7xxx series, Dell S4048-On and S6000-ON, but none of these allow for control by multiple NSX managers which is our requirement.