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    View Admin console issue after upgrade to 6.2

    fafa24 Hot Shot

      Dear All,


      Today I upgraded my View environment from View 6.02 to View 6.2. The upgrade went fine without any problem. I had to upgrade View Composer, a connection server and a security server.


      However I have issues with the View Administrator console.


      When I log in I receive this error


      com.vmware.vim.vmomi.client.common.UnexpectedStatusCodeException: Unexpected status code: 404


      However I can refresh the page and View logs me in. All appears to be working, but before the upgrade I disabled my pools. I wanted to re-enable it, but I'm getting this error.


      java.lang.IllegalStateException: View API connection not initialized


      There are some settings in the View Administrator console I can change. There is no error in the event viewer on the connection server.


      Do you have any idea what the problem is? It seems like a Java issue. With View 6.02 I have had no issue with the View Administrator console.




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          VNiScott Novice

          I ran into this problem as well. I found (after installing a replica server and WinDiff comparing the installation destination folders) that there were several files and folders missing from the "C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware View\Server\broker\webapps\view-vlsi\WEB-INF" subfolders . I copied the missing files, restarted the VMware Horizon View Connection Server service and all seems to be working now. Interesting that I was never notified during the upgrade that anything was problematic.

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            fafa24 Hot Shot

            I resolved the issue with the help of VMware support to install a replica server and then delete the old connection server. This was a good solution for us because we could also upgrade the OS to Win2012.


            But actually we never found out why the problem occured.

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              GTO455 Enthusiast

              Thank you for posting this. We just ran into this same issue on a Horizon 7.5 to 7.52 upgrade on a clustered pair of Connection servers. The upgrade wiped out a bunch of files on both servers.


              Luckily we had a similar environment that we just upgraded (7.3 to 7.52 that upgraded successfully last week) and were able to copy files from that Connection Server to the cluster.


              Good times