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    Second VCDX Requirements

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      I've heard that for a person with one VCDX who wants to obtain a second VCDX just submitting a design is required - no more defending.


      I am just trying to clarify - is the VCIX for the second track ALSO not required?


      For example, someone who holds a VCDX-DCV would not need to pass the VCIX-NV to obtain the VCDX-NV?

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            Yes it is true that if someone is a VCDX already then they dont have to defend the second one (there is a limitation for people who passed the VCDX-NV during the Fast Track route)


            As for another track  they have to pass both VCIX if they dont have a last version (VCAP5 ) VCAP in that stream. If they have both they can choose either, if they only have one (VCAP5-DCA for eg.) then they need to do the VCIX design exam and then can submit a VCDX-DCV (to keep to the examples) as passing the VCIX would give them the underlying VCP.


            To answer your example, I have VCDX-DCV but would have to pass the VCIX-NV before submitting for VCDX-NV but wouldn't have to defend it