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    Client ID

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      Hi, in View Administrator, in the Sessions tab, there is a Client ID column. Where is this ID pulled from on the client machine? I configured a Linux machine with the VMware Horizon client installed, and cloned it with Clonezilla. This results in a duplicate VMware client ID, which prevents the same user from launching multiple sessions to the same pool. I'd like to know which file to modify on the client machine to set a unique client ID.


      I know in older versions the client ID was the same as the mac address, but that does not seem to be the case anymore.



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          I was able to find the answer to your question here:


          Re: Meaning of Client ID Column


          "This is a randomly generated string, provided by the broker and saved by the client on first connection if the client doesn't already have one. Previous versions of wswc used to always populate it with the mac address instead (unlike other clients) This changed in recent 5.x releases of Horizon View and behaviour is now consistent across all client types. The primary purpose is to ensure that when the "allow multiple sessions per user" option is selected for a pool, different clients are always allocated different sessions."


          Are your pool settings set to allow multiple sessions? If you enable this setting, then it should ignore the Client ID. Another option is for you to re-build your Linux image. Then use Clonezille without opening or connecting with the client. This will leave the Client ID blank, and should (in theory) generate a new and different client ID when the users connect for the first time.

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            Thanks for your reply. The pool is set up to allow multiple sessions. And that works fine for devices that aren't cloned from the same image, because they have different vmware client ids. When they have the same id, it causes the first session to disconnect when trying to connect from the second device. I think I did try cloning it before installing the vmware client as you suggested, and it still ended with the same client id, but I will test that again later. I'm also working on creating an unattended install of the OS and view client, which hopefully should avoid the issue since there's no cloning involved.

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              Have you ever managed to correct this issue? I run into it with HP Thin Clients and imaging them from a single image source.

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                I had the problem on HP thin clients also (running the HP thinpro os). To get it working I factory reset them and then pushed out the VMware Horizon client and connection settings with HP Device Manager, rather than capturing and pushing out the entire firmware image.


                For other types of Linux like CentOS or Ubuntu, I think a kickstart or preseeded automated installation may be the best way, but I'm not a linux expert so I'm having some trouble with that. I'll probably end up doing a manual installation of the OS on each PC and then use a script to do the rest of the configuration.

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                  Hmm, that woud still bring me back to square one, I need lots of settings that a settings capture just doesn't capture unfortunately.