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    Appstacking Cisco AnyConnect client

    tmunn Novice

      Just wondering if anyone has had success appstacking Cisco's AnyConnect client?

      Historically I think these sorts of tools have been challenging to virtualize because of the deep hooks in the OS. We have a need to appstack it and don't want to waste time if it won't work.

      Appreciate any feedback or guidance,


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          Lakshmana Prakash Virtuoso
          VMware EmployeesvExpert

          Can you confirm if Cisco AnyConnect client has any system level driver components in it?

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            K_Miller Novice

            I have been testing the anyconnect VPN AppStack with Tim. I dont think system level driver components are the issue. The anyconect VPN appstack works perfectly thru HTML access however when using the view client the VM locks up and the connection is dropped. I looked at the firewall port map and I see there are substantial differences between the ports used for the view client and HTML access. According to the diagram only blast is used for HTML access. Does anyone have any clues on why this works with HTML access but fails in the view client. They are both utilizing the same security server.









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              MattHorton Lurker

              I haven't actually tried the AnyConnect client, but using the OpenVPN client with Horizon View requires us to do this:


              Configure a Virtual Machine with multiple Nics


              Our problem manifested a little differently: The session would not close when the OpenVPN was established but it would not allow a disconnected session to re-connect. The registry key created in that link tells View Horizon which network to use when connecting back to the View Connection Server. If it has no route back to the VCS it would make sense for the connection to drop. Maybe AnyConnect attempts to make the remote gateway the default route?

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                labrmar Novice

                I have been trying to get an AppStack going for Cisco AnyConnect 4.3 for Windows 10 1803 with no luck.


                It installs fine but after rebooting to finish the provisioning the Windows login screen does not appear, its just a blue screen with the network, accessibility and power options icons in the bottom right corner.


                If I don't involve App Volumes provisioning and just install it on my AppStack VM it installs and works fine.  So as soon as I introduce provisioning it breaks.


                I am running AppVolumes


                My next step is either upgrade App Volumes to the latest version or to put it in my Windows master image, but it would be nice to have it as an AppStack with the app that uses it.

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                  labrmar Novice

                  I could only get it working when installing it in the Windows 10 master image.