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    Performance statistic rollupfrom past week to past month is not occouring in the database. vSphere 6.0

    beefy147 Enthusiast

      I have a weird health alarm which keeps reappearing in our vSphere 6.0 instances


      2015-10-27 09_35_33-vSphere Web Client.png


      Normally this is because the some or all of the 3 roll-up jobs in SQL are not working or not running.


      My problem is they are all working and running as expected


      The day rollup is running over 30 mins, week every 2 hours and monthly every day


      The warning alarm seems to clear itself after around 45 minutes. Is this some kind of weird timing issue with the jobs running vs the alarm? This happens in a cycle which i am still trying to determine!


      Any advice appreciated