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    How do I get workstation 12 working on Ubuntu 15.10 - kernel 4.2.0-16-generic

    tim.frost Lurker

      I recently upgraded my home system from Ubuntu 15.04 (code name vivid) to a beta of version 15.10 (code name wily) on a 64-bit system.  The kernel I am running, according to the command 'uname -r', is 4.2.0-16-generic, while the previous version was in series 3.16.x. In August, I upgraded the version of VMware Workstation from V11 to V12.0.0 (installer file VMware-Workstation-Full-12.0.0-2985596.x86_64.bundle).  This worked prior to the upgrade of Ubuntu, but the program /usr/bin/vmware now just exits with no messages and an exit code of 1.

      Is this Ubuntu version (or Linux kernel, since VMware installs kernel modules) supported now?

      If not, how long is it likely to be before it IS supported?