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    File Sharing VM on ESXi - Is it possible?

    dauphin77 Enthusiast

      Hello all,


      Is it possible to setup a VM (let's say Windows Server 2012) to be utilized as a file sharing VM between multiple VM's (Windows/Linux based) in an ESXi/vCenter environment? I know this a feature with VMware Workstation but was curious if there is a way to setup say an SMB share to be used by multiple VM's.


      I have a bare metal server that has only 2 - NIC's and a NAS storage device.



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          Serismiscool Novice

          If you just want to provide file sharing then I would use something like FreeNAS to access that back end storage. That way you can present it to either Windows or Linux systems as SMB or NFS. Using something like FreeNAS, which is more purpose based for file sharing, will allow for a better setup in my opinion.


          That's just my first initial thoughts from reading your post.

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