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    vcb* commands not working

    conradsia Hot Shot

      What am I doing wrong! Im trying to make a backup of a VM using vcbMounter but I keep getting this error. What option am I missing?


      \[root@esx3 linux-iscsi-data0]#[code] vcbMounter -M 1 -a ipaddr: -r /vmfs/volumes/linux-iscsi-data0/NEW-VM-1/[/code]


      \[2006-08-18 14:35:39.235 'App' 3076464768 info] Current working directory: /vmfs/volumes/44a9ee20-9257c25f-f121-0030482364fa

      \[2006-08-18 14:35:39.237 'vcbMounter' 3076464768 error] Error: Missing command line option

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      I get the same thing with vcbVmName


      root@esx3#vcbVmName -s any:

      \[2006-08-18 14:39:49.154 'App' 3076468864 info] Current working directory: /vmfs/volumes/44a9ee20-9257c25f-f121-0030482364fa

      \[2006-08-18 14:39:49.156 'vcbVmName' 3076468864 error] Error: Missing command line option.