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    Project Onyx + vCenter 6.0?

    HippoCoar Lurker



      We have recently upgraded our entire environment to vCenter 6.0, and I just came across Project Onyx tonight. I know that the web client will still be used for most of our regular interactions, but we are also keen on automating common or repetitive tasks in Powershell/PowerCLI, though we aren't very strong in our PowerCLI skillset (yet). Is there a build out that works with ESX/vCenter 6?


      Due to political reasons in the organization, we have 2 "server" vCenters (one for traditional "technology department" servers, one for "security department" servers, the issue is licensing cost responsibilities, and Security doesn't want to play nice), as well as 4 VDI vCenter pods (one exclusively as a DR pod not tied to anything else with low-end hosts, the other 3 in production). Being a school district, and not a large one at that, we don't have a large Tech department (3 admins total to manage network, storage, datacenter compute and end user computing), which is why automation is key to our success. Having a tool like Project Onyx in our toolkit would save us time we have to spend on researching the PowerCLI cmdlets.