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    RE : EXSi host level snapshot backup, saving previous snapshots.

    ahcup Lurker

      Hi people,
      Just to clarify that, is it possible to perform a full backup of a running VM sitting on a EXSi server while retaining it's previous snapshots?
      Lets say i have VM1.old VM running and has 3 snapshots, i know that after running ghettoVCB.sh script, it will consolidate all snapshots and perform full backup, then delete the snapshot. So end of this, if i were to recover the vm from the backup files, it will not store the 3 snapshots.

      What i want is, after backing up the VM, i would still wan to retain the 3 snapshot taken. It this even possible?


      Main point that i want :
      VM must not shut down.
      Full backup of running VM.
      All snapshots are also backed up.

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          info4km Novice

          I can not answer your question, but I want to do the same thing.  I don't really understand what good this does me if I don't have all my snapshots.  I'd almost be better off just using scp to copy the whole virtual machine folder to another system.  This is what I really want.  A backup of my virtual machine including all of its snapshots.


          Does anyone know if scp will work fine for this? I think I may need to give up on ghettoVCB if I can only get the current state of the server (or one snapshot/version).  If there is a way to use ghettoVCB for this please let me know.