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    No space left on your device error

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      I'm using the OVA deployment in Workstation and after deploying a couple of Containers I get a 'No space left on your device' error when deploying a new container.  There is plenty of free space on the VM VMDK however the root FS is only configured for 2 GB and is already 70% fill.


      How do I increase the available space or do I need to do something different to avoid this error?

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          dparring Lurker

          Same problem here, the OVA has some sort of a bug in the partition table that is causing the root filesystem to be 2GB even though it gets provisioned with a ~15GB disk.  Here is how to fix it:


          Download gdisk in rpm form:


          curl -O ftp://rpmfind.net/linux/sourceforge/g/gp/gptfdisk/gptfdisk/1.0.1/gdisk-binaries/gdisk-1.0.1-1.x86_64.rpm


          Install it (have to ignore deps, it still works):


          rpm --install --nodeps ./gdisk-1.0.1-1.x86_64.rpm


          Run it on the disk:


          gdisk /dev/sda


          First, there is a partition table error (Warning! Secondary header is placed too early on the disk! Do you want to correct this problem?) that we need to autocorrect by writing the unmodified table back to disk:




          Go back into gdisk:


          gdisk /dev/sda


          List the root partition's info:




          Verify that your unique partition GUID is the same as my TP2 distribution ( CBC622B7-0B8C-4DD9-99CD-BA7226B43466).  If not, record it for the next step.  Now delete the root partition:




          Now make a new partition with the default parameters.  It should fill all available space with the defaults:




          Copy the GUID from before to the new partition you just created (sub in your GUID if different):




          Write to disk:




          Reread the partition table and resize the partition:


          partx -u /dev/sda


          resize2fs /dev/sda2


          Check your new partition size:




          You should see the partition filling all available space on the disk now (2% full on a fresh default install vs. 14%).  You'll probably want to snapshot the VM at this point since the deploy from OVA is broken. 


          Is the Photon OS project dead?  It is concerning that a VMWare employee asked this question a month ago and no one noticed.  The OVA Photon OS TP2 install is basically unusable for any significant application with this disk bug in place, since the 2GB disk fills up very quickly.  Hopefully this helps anyone trying to use it.




          (credit: instructions for disk resizing were adapted from Online resize root filesystem on a GPT partition | falstaff - yet another tech blog)