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    HA shutdown VM

    renied Lurker

      I am searching for a solutions to shutdown a vm when an other vm migrates to a specific host.



      I have two ESX Server.

      One running my productive vm, the other one for quality and testing.

      If the host running my productive fails, i need to start up the vm on my second host, but have to stop the quality and testing vm.

      How can i realize that???

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          mohdhanifk Enthusiast


          Can you provide few more info on this ?

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            gopanaboena Enthusiast



            You can select the option for each VM when host is unavailable in the HA, like - restart on another host, or power of state.

            Select for production vm to restart on another host

            Select for quality and testing for power of state

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              renied Lurker

              How it looks without failure:

              ESX1                    ESX2

              VM-P                    VM-Q


              How it should look when ESX1 fails:

              ESX1                    ESX2




              The Power State Configuration works if ESX2 would fail, but, tell me if i am wrong, when esx1 fails i would have VM-Q and VM-P running on ESX2?



              I have thought about a script to run on a HA Event to suspend VM-Q