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    Issue with Hyper-V Integration Services on vSphere 6.0

    ricklionheart Lurker

      Greetings, I'm running Hyper-V (2012 not R2) nested on vSphere 6.0


      Everything works except the Hyper-V integration services. The virtual machines on Hyper-V for some reason thinks they are a physical system and they don´t let start/install/upgrade the integration services. Some screenshots documenting the issue:



      I've tried everything I know or been able to find:


      • Use different options in the vmx file: hypervisor.cpuid.v0, vhv.enable, winHyperV guest OS, etc.
      • Use different options in the hyper-V host (virtual machine).
      • Running different hardware versions on the Hyper-V vm (9,10,11).
      • Tried with and without vmware tools on the Hyper-V hosts.
      • Tried different OS within Hyper-V (server 2008 R2 and 2012).
      • Several patches and upgrades on the host/guest side.


      I've seen this issue documented in this post: http://vblog.is/?p=94 and the solution seems to downgrade the ESXi 6.0 host to 5.5 and that is not an option for me (and I really need the integration services running for testing purposes).


      Any help will be appreciated, thanks,