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    vMotion Issue With Certain Host

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      We have a 4 host cluster and only one Host will not vMotion with the others.  i can vmkping from each host to the one in question just fine. There are NO other adapters that have vMotion enables with the exception of teh one teamed on that host.  I am a bit stumped about one piece of troubleshooting though.  When i tried to disconnect vmNIC6  (vmnic 3 and 6 are teamed) from teh switch it still shows teh nic as being UP.  However when i disconnect vmnic 6 it shows DOWN.  Is there a valid reason for that??  Checked all the switches and they all check out.  Ports are setup correctly, correct VLAN too.   Anyhow, can't figure out why it won't vMotion.  Below is the error I receive.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks


      The vMotion migrations failed because the ESX hosts were not able to connect over the vMotion network. Check the vMotion network settings and physical network configuration.

      vMotion migration [167790456:1443201287021031] failed to create a connection with remote host <>: The ESX hosts failed to connect over the VMotion network

      Migration [167790456:1443201287021031] failed to connect to remote host <> from host <>: Host is down

      The vMotion failed because the destination host did not receive data from the source host on the vMotion network. Please check your vMotion network settings and physical network configuration and ensure they are correct.

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          For those of us who will investigate this error in future.


          • For me, the error was that vMotion was enabled on the vMotion and Management networks. Enable vMotion only on the vMotion network. See cause #2 here in KB2042654.
          • For others, it could be an issue with Jumbo frames and MTU settings on the NICs and switches. Thanks to Yuris Technology blog for a good write up.
          • Another comment in Yuris Technology blog was that failover with active & standby NICs was not correctly set up.



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