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    non-hardened Windows VM Server to Cloud Environment

    wonder007 Lurker



      Needs to host Windows server VM (base OS image or may be converted to .iso) on cloud Platform (SaaS) ?  It will be further used to run an application for demo purpose from an exhibition. Ports will be used  80/443 and public IP address is also know for communication. Windows Server will be non-hardended initially.




      I don`t know how to handle this situation from security perspective. What is the starting point ? Are there any generic security best practices from Virtualization/Cloud persoective ?


      My asnwer is as following "Please go ahead with the connection to cloud from non-hardening windows VM and make sure that there is an isolated subnet for this access and access to application is filtered down to specific flows only. It should be a temporary work around and windows VM needs to ne hardened as soon as possible."


      I hope I can add few more checks for above scenario!!


      Thanks in advance !!