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    IPv6 NAT Does Not Pass HTTP/HTTPS traffic

    em2slyn Novice

      Hi All:


      Problem: Workstation 12 Pro IPv6 NAT either cannot pass or blocks HTTP/HTTPS traffic.


      Here is the configuration and what seems to be working:

      • Host system using Windows 10 Pro residing on an IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack network
      • IPv6 NAT enabled on VMnet8 with a Linux (Ubuntu 14.04.3 Desktop) and a Windows 10 guest VMs on the private network
      • An unique local address using the 0xfd... prefix (device default) is being used for the private network prefix by the NAT device
      • Both VMs receive the SLAAC IPv6 address of the NAT device as the default gateway via router advertising
      • Both VMs can ping external IPv6 addresses (Google DNS: 2001:4860:4860::8888) indicating that ICMPv6 is working
      • Both VMs can resolve URLs using nslookup on a remote DNS server (e.g. nslookup ipv6.google.com 2001:4860:4860::8888) indicating UDP port 53 is working
      • Entries that direct IPv6 traffic to the NAT device are present in the routing tables for the host system and both guest VMs


      Things seem to be working as expected until I open a browser session and enter a known IPv6 address in the navigation bar (i.e. http://ipv6.google.com or https://ipv6.google.com). The browser idles waiting for a response and eventually times out. It appears that for some reason the NAT device is not passing TCP, port 80/443 traffic to or from the remote HTTP/HTTPS server. I also have restored the defaults in the virtual network editor and the tcp/ip stack on the host just in case something was corrupted without success. Any ideas? Is there a setting that I am missing, potential defect, or by design? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!