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    Container import to vSphere 6?

    stanj Hot Shot



      Not sure I am in the right place to ask,,but here goes.


      We have vSphere 6 Essentials license with vCenter.


      We received a request from a contractor that they have a container  (VM?) that they would like to install it our vSphere environment for a project..


      I am not sure what we need to install and setup in order to bring in their container and get it up and ruining?


      Any help will be appreciated.



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          Matt232201110141 Novice

          Sounds like the Contractor needs to provide a little more details/documentation....I'd assume the contactor has the container in a repository somewhere, knowing that would probably be the first step to working out how to install it.


          I've only been playing around with this stuff for a few hours over the last couple of weekends but I found the below helpful in getting my head around this stuff.


          Assuming its a Docker Container then Docker Engine:

          1. Project Photon if you want to give it a try  Photon OS™ by VMware®

          2. Docker Engine if you want to run it on Prod, given Photon is a Tech Preview (Check out the Docker Docs link -> Install -> Docker Engine -> Linux etc ) Docker Docs


          I found the Docker training handy as well Free Docker Training - Docker Training