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    Horizon View 6.2, 3.5 View Client and Windows 10

    j_rodstein Enthusiast

      Hi All,


      I performed an in place upgrade of Horizon View 6.2 over the weekend and have been very happy with the performance and features.  However, I am having a bit of an issue with Windows 10 Enterprise.  The VDI desktop does not resize/scale as expected.  It seems that whatever the Windows 10 desktop setting is set in vSphere, seems to remain when connecting with the View Client.


      I had this issue in Horizon View 6.1.1 with the 3.4 client, but didn't sweat it until this recent release.


      I wanted to eliminate my Windows 10 Enterprise image as being the culprit, so I installed a fresh version of Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit with the latest VMware Tools and View Agent and the issue persists.


      I am running vCenter 6.0.0.b and ESXi 6 with the latest patches.  I can validate the screen resize/scale issue occurs on multiple endpoints, so I do not believe the issue is with the endpoint device and the client.


      Any ideas?