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    selecting different audio out devices for Softphone / Jabber-Client in Horizon View

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      I´ve some trouble to satisfy a user request. In fact this user will decide, if we turn our test envrionment to production ...


      a key-requirement for our View-Windows-Desktops is, to support softphone; no problem, I thought because RTAV should work. And in fact: RTAV works!


      But using RTAV allows to use only one audio out device - and the user wants to select via Cisco Jabber Client two different audio out devices:


      Cisco Jabber Client offers the possibility to select three options for audio:


      - speaker (1)


      - microphone  (2)


      - and warnings (3)


      for (1) and (3) with RTAV I can only choose the VMware Virtual Audio (DevTap) device, (and for (2) of course VMware Virtual Microphone).


      My question: can I select to different devices for audio out, so that the user can hear the softphone ringing (the warning sounds) via the pc-speaker and then, after he has picked up the phone the sound comes only from the headset?


      I´ve also tried the Teradici Audio drivers - no success.


      And even if I use USB-redirection for the headset, I can´t get it to work: either the sound comes ONLY from the headset or from the speakers. although in Cisco Jabber Client audio settings I can then select different devices for (1) and (3) by using USB-redirecton. ....


      My recent idea is, to use a separate USB-Soundcard for the warning sounds. Has sombody tried this before ...?



      we are using Horizon View 6.1.1 and View Clients 3.3 and 3.4 for Windows; Cisco Jabber Client 10.6.2; View Deskopts are WIN7 64 bit


      Thanks for telling your ideas / advice