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        Pim_van_de_Vis Expert
        VMware EmployeesvExpert

        I guess you have to add the actual servername and not the DFS namespace name.

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          epa80 Enthusiast

          Changing the GPO value to 1 for intranet, instead of 2 for trusted, did the trick for us. Thanks a lot!

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            Pim_van_de_Vis Expert
            VMware EmployeesvExpert

            This should work.

            Create an 'undo.bgi' file and put no information in there. Clear all defaults items and just put a space in there and save it.


            Now create a Logoff task in UEM and call this line:

            "C:\Program Files (x86)\BGInfo\Bginfo.exe" "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\BGInfo\undo.bgi" /timer:0 /silent /nolicprompt

            That removes all BGinfo from the wallpaper before the wallpaper gets exported.

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              Smoke14 Hot Shot

              All you need to do is place everything in %logonserver%\netlogon. This will allow you to manage and change bginfo for each department, if you need.


              I have one UEM log-on task for each scenario, production and development. here is an image of one of them.


              This is the only UEM entry I have for BgInfo.


              FYI, you may want to look at http://www.glenn.delahoy.com/software/ (Desktopinfo) which is a simple executable that is dynamically controlled by a INI file. Also this is an overlay of the desktop so you don't need scheduled tasks to refresh, it refreshes on intervals you set..


              I found BgInfo to be buggy at times.

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                Pim_van_de_Vis Expert
                VMware EmployeesvExpert

                I've created a document that describes an implementation that always works for UEM and BGinfo.


                VMware User Environment Manager and Sysinternals BGinfo

                If you want to use VMware User Environment Manager in combination with BGinfo, follow these three steps to allow users to choose their own wallpaper, while still allowing the BGinfo information to appear on the wallpaper.

                Step 1: Capture the BGinfo wallpaper

                Step 2: Start BGinfo at logon to add the info to the wallpaper

                Step 3: Undo the BGinfo at logoff to prevent ‘ghosting’ of old information.

                These three steps are explained in detail in the attached document.

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                  Boe_K Enthusiast

                  Hey lopeza1 can you share the vm version of your config file I would like to incorporate some of what you did into our current setup

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                    VIR2AL3X Enthusiast

                    Boe_K - absolutely!  Here is the config file that I created and use on all my VMs.  I tend to also use this on physical machines and simply remove any VM related lines.  Please let me know what you think and share your results of how you're using/applying this in your environment.

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                      Boe_K Enthusiast

                      Hey Lopezal1 thanks for providing your config. We actually decided as a group to use the taskbar switch command rather then the pop up as a result we had to strip our config down to just the essential info we need since the WMI Filters would cause bginfo to pop up on long rather then going to the taskbar like we wanted. I'm going to keep your template for reference though in case management changes there mind and wants it on the screen right away again

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                        dvdende Novice

                        Hello Pim_van_de_Vis,

                        I've used your Word document in Logon task for bginfo but this doesn't seem to work with Horizon 7.2 and UEM 9.2.0.

                        The TranscodedWallpaper file in UEM profile still shows the BGinfo information even though LocalAppData\Temp\BGinfo.bmp only shows the wallpaper.

                        When I logon to a desktop I momentarily see the users wallpaper with the old BGinfo information and then I get a black wallpaper showing the new BGinfo information.

                        Do you know how to solve this?

                        Thanks in advance.

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                          Pim_van_de_Vis Expert
                          VMware EmployeesvExpert

                          Did you configure the logoff taks to run 'Before' profile archive import?


                          If so, can you provide some more info? What version of Windows are you using? Did it work with another version of Horizon or UEM? Do you run UEM with a GPO or in NoAD mode?

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