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    Can't import or export OVFs using VCenter 6.0

    jgrzybowski Lurker

      I am unable either import/export OVF templates to/from a v6.0 ESXi host using vCenter.(This is the first time I am doing this)


      My attempts to import an OVF (have tried two different ovfs with same results) result in "Connection to the remote resource was lost. Check your network connection" error, followed by "Task was cancelled by user"


      Attempts to export a template end with "Could not connect to the remote resource: Couldn't resolve the hostname", again followed by "Task cancelled by user"


      From the VCenter server I can NSlookup and ping the host and VM (ping when turned on) indicating to me that it is not a DNS issue.


      Attached is a vpkd log file that shows logging that happens from point of import request to point of failure.


      Does anyone have an idea as to what is happening here, or how I may be able to fix this issue.


      ps. I am able to deploy an ovf directly to the host  using the vsphere client, but the "data protection ova" seems to require going through vCenter.


      Thank you.