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    View Session detected as idle

    DavidMcKnight Novice

      I have a situation where I just set up some Dell thin clients that are direct connecting to some VMs that are running the VMware Direct Connect Plugin.  At 6:30AM they auto power on and if they are not used throughout the day come 4:30PM their sessions are closing.   I want them to stay in session until I auto power them off at 10:00PM.  In the log file I find this:


      2015-08-20T16:31:16.080-05:00 DEBUG (04C4-087C) <Session Poll Thread> [wsnm_xmlapi] Did not find feature lastUserActivity for sessionId=1

      2015-08-20T16:31:16.080-05:00 DEBUG (04C4-087C) <Session Poll Thread> [wsnm_xmlapi] Idle timer for sessionId=1 = 36047 seconds

      2015-08-20T16:31:16.080-05:00 DEBUG (04C4-087C) <Session Poll Thread> [wsnm_xmlapi] sessionId=1 detected as idle, disconnecting all sessions


      In the group policy I've set sessionTimeout=99999 and userIdleTimeout=-1.  So at 6:30AM I'm seeing this in the log file:


      2015-08-20T06:30:31.061-05:00 DEBUG (02F8-0B4C) <2892> [pcoip_mfw] VMware HKLM 'Agent\Configuration\XMLAPI' policy values at start of pcoip_server_win32: sessionTimeout=99999;userIdleTimeout=-1


      Can someone suggest some other setting I'm missing to keep these sessions alive?



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          Gaurav_Baghla Hot Shot
          vExpertVMware Employees

          By Any chance are you using Lithnet IdleLogoff software



          something Like this






          Gaurav Baghla

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            vTimD Enthusiast

            Ok, so there is two keys at play here. There is 'sessionTimeout' and 'userIdleTimeout'. The first one being used if someone logs in even once, it holds that session open as long as you specify. The second seems for if the VM is on, but not being used.


            If you look at the Document Center for the Direct Connection Plug-In settings, it shows the 'userIdleTimeout' as the following:


            If there is no user activity on the Horizon client for this period of time, the user's desktop and application sessions are disconnected. The value is set in seconds. The default is 900 seconds (15 minutes).

            I would take that as I need to change the default setting on that from 900 seconds (15 minutes) to 55800 seconds (15.5 hours) to allow for enough time in the user idle timeout for the VM to stay out of timeout from startup to shutdown, in case there is no user activity at all. You might try changing that one as well, and testing it out.

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              SEDANO Lurker

              Hi David,


              Did you find any solution to your disconnect problem?


              I'm having the same issue.

              We're using Wyse Zero Clients with fw 4.8 and VMware View Agent 6.2 and VMware View Direct-Connection Plugin 6.2.


              The registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\VMware, Inc.\VMware VDM\Agent\Configuration\XMLAPI\sessionTimeout is set to 999999.


              2015-11-11T05:16:15.87Z> LVL:2 RC:   0       HEARTBEAT :PCoIP processor heartbeat
              2015-11-11T05:17:04.728+01:00> LVL:2 RC:   0        MGMT_IMG :log (Tera2800IPC): caps exceeded: 0, low_pkts: 0, pkt q: 0, slice_limited: 0, bus empty 0, total: 0.
              2015-11-11T05:17:06.382+01:00 DEBUG (0438-0AAC) <Session Poll Thread> [wsnm_xmlapi] sessionId=0 detected as idle
              2015-11-11T05:17:06.382+01:00 DEBUG (0438-1364) <MessageFrameWorkDispatch> [wsnm_desktop] DesktopManager got a ListSessions message
              2015-11-11T05:17:06.397+01:00 DEBUG (0438-1364) <MessageFrameWorkDispatch> [wsnm_desktop] DesktopManager got a DisconnectSession message
              2015-11-11T05:17:06.397+01:00 DEBUG (0438-1364) <MessageFrameWorkDispatch> [wsnm_desktop] Disconnecting sessionId=2 (state = Connected, reason = (null))
              2015-11-11T05:17:06.460+01:00> LVL:0 RC:   0    IMG_FRONTEND :flip_frame_buffer: Resolution change for display 0 [0, 1004]
              2015-11-11T05:17:06.522+01:00> LVL:1 RC:   0    IMG_FRONTEND :sw_host_get_display_modes:  - warning - primary display not found
              2015-11-11T05:17:06.616+01:00 DEBUG (0438-043C) <Main Thread> [wsnm_desktop] WTS_CONSOLE_DISCONNECT, sessionId=2
              2015-11-11T05:17:06.616+01:00 DEBUG (0438-043C) <Main Thread> [wsnm_desktop] Original dynamic timezone restored
              2015-11-11T05:17:06.616+01:00 DEBUG (0438-1364) <MessageFrameWorkDispatch> [wsnm_desktop] Session disconnect done
              2015-11-11T05:17:06.631+01:00 INFO  (0438-043C) <Main Thread> [wsnm_desktop] Session DISCONNECTED: sessionId=2, user ***\***, client=(null), connectionId=b89fd936792a46548f86916195368745, userDn=cn=s-1-5-21-3948802322-4128685574-1318045153-1602,cn=foreignsecurityprincipals,dc=vdi,dc=vmware,dc=int
              2015-11-11T05:17:06.631+01:00 WARN  (0544-05CC) <Thread-44> [EventLoggerService] Unable to create/send Event: null
              2015-11-11T05:17:06.631+01:00 WARN  (0438-0F68) <MessageFrameWorkDispatch> [wsnm_desktop] Could not send event, result was: Unable to create/send Event: null
              2015-11-11T05:17:06.631+01:00> LVL:2 RC:   0           AGENT :pcoip_agent_disconnect_extended
              2015-11-11T05:17:06.631+01:00> LVL:2 RC:   0           AGENT :tera_agent_disconnect [soft host]: agent close code: 2, disconnect reason: 0
              2015-11-11T05:17:06.631+01:00> LVL:2 RC:   0           AGENT :tera_agent_disconnect: {s_tag:0xad27a6088ffa3166} disconnect is ** NOT ** pending (hndl: 15, pid: 2428, process handle: 00000658)
              2015-11-11T05:17:06.631+01:00> LVL:2 RC:   0           AGENT :sSERVER_SESSION::send_message: {s_tag:0xad27a6088ffa3166} 16 bytes
              2015-11-11T05:17:08.160+01:00> LVL:2 RC:   0           AGENT :sSERVER_SESSION::agent_receiver_callback: message from A:srvr15;B:srvr0015 to A:srvr15, message = 0c 00 00 00, len=16
              2015-11-11T05:17:08.457+01:00> LVL:2 RC:   0           AGENT :tera_agent_finish_disconnect_thread: connection_closed 2
              2015-11-11T05:17:09.97Z> LVL:2 RC:   0 MGMT_PCOIP_DATA :Received BYE message (reason: 257)
              2015-11-11T04:17:12.97Z> LVL:3 RC:   0       MGMT_SESS :(pcoip_data_cback): event: 0x20, PRI: 0, reason: 0x101 - queuing EVENT_PCOIP_DATA_CLOSED
              2015-11-11T04:17:12.97Z> LVL:3 RC:   0       MGMT_SESS :OPEN: transition 52 into TEARDOWN (PRI: 0) (reason: 0x101)




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                SEDANO Lurker

                I've managed to find what caused my sessions to disconnect.

                In the view_agent_direct_connection.adm there is another registry setting.


                clientSessionTimeout, this defaults to 10 hours / 36000 seconds.

                Changing this to a greater value makes your connections stay alive.


                POLICY !!ClientSessionTimeout

                    EXPLAIN !!ClientSessionTimeoutExplain

                    PART !!ClientSessionTimeout EDITTEXT


                        DEFAULT "36000"

                        VALUENAME "clientSessionTimeout"

                    END PART

                END POLICY