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    KB2092807 Activation Options

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      We have used the script provided in this KB to add the advanced setting and have successfully vMotioned move of our 1700 VMs affected by this issue, however I now have 500 Server 2012 clusters that I am not able to vMotion.  In order to enable the fix for these servers, it requires a complete power cycle of each node of the cluster.  As you can imagine this is very cumbersome in our large environment.  Has anyone found another way to activate this fix without using vMotion or a power cycle?  Thanks in advance!







      Script used

      ForEach ($vm in (Get-VM)){

      $vmv = Get-VM $vm | Get-View

      $name = $vmv.Name

      $guestid = $vmv.Summary.Config.GuestId

      $vmx = New-Object VMware.Vim.VirtualMachineConfigSpec

      $vmx.extraConfig += New-Object VMware.Vim.OptionValue

      $vmx.extraConfig[0].key = "monitor_control.enable_softResetClearTSC"

      $vmx.extraConfig[0].value = "TRUE"

      if ($guestid -like "windows8*Guest") {



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          To commit the changes (spl Adding new Key) required vMotion or Power recycle. I understand Power recycle is not fusible but vMotion is.

          u can put ur ESXi hosts in maintenance mode one by one (as we do during ESXi patching)  and achieve this. you must have created a rule to keep cluster nodes on separate hosts.