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    How to set the VM OVF Properties from VRO when request initiated from VCAC

    pankajchhabra Novice



      I would like to pass the VM Custom properties from VRA. For example, lets say I have a Catalog item which requests a VCO Deployment. VCO VM has custom parameters like "vami.hostname" etc. How can I pass these parameters from VCAC?



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          TheITHollow Enthusiast

          You can pass a custom property from the blueprint or add a build profile. Custom Options for vRealize Automation Server Requests | theITHollow

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            pankajchhabra Novice

            Thanks for the response.


            I am able to get the property in VRO Workflow but then I try to set the property on the VM using "Create/Update Property on VCAC VM", I can see the property update in log -


            [2015-08-18 20:43:22.028] [I] Create property vami.hostname : HelloWorld on virtualMachine entity linux09


            but the update does not happen on the VM. I have tried VirtualMachine.vami.hostname and vami.hostname for the property name, but no luck.


            Please let me know what shall I use as the Property name.

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              vjDuBB Enthusiast

              Are you just trying to extract the hostname in vRO?


              If so there are a couple of ways to do this:




              the best method would be to declare a variable to vm.name, where vm = the VC:Virtual MAchine object.


              For instance If I wanted to pass the string variable of computer name to a script of something in the vRO workflow that expected the machine name in a string format,

              I would have an Input Attribute of vm that is set to VC:VirtualMachine


              then I would declare a variable:  vmName = vm.name;


              I would also use a System.log("VM Name is " +  vmName);  To make sure its returning the proper value.  vmName would be a input attribute so I could use it throughout the workflow.




              If I want to extract a custom property from vRA - most of my workflows have a scriptable task placed at the beginning to extract vRA custom property values


              The code looks something like this:



              Here you can see I'm extracting a reserved custom property 'hostname' and a custom property I created: DLA.ApplicationGroup.  This uses the virtualMachineProgerties.get function.

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                pankajchhabra Novice

                Thanks vjDUBB for response.


                Here is my very simple scenario. I have a VM on which I define some properties say "Master Server Address". I can set these properties when I deploy them from vCenter Web Client or OVFTool.


                I can create the blue print properties and create "Master Server Address", so when the user creates the machine by requesting a catalog item, user along with it has passed "Master Server Address". I would this to be applied to the Virtual Machine OVF property that I have created. When the machine powers on, I would like to get this value by using scripts like vmtoolsd --cmd "info-get guestinfo.ovfEnv"


                Please let me know if I can set the properties directly on the Virtual Machine or will I need to call a Script like from Linux Guest Agent.

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