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    Reporting a poorly functioning lab

    LCTech1 Lurker

      How do we, beyond posting here, report a lab that does not seem to be functioning as it should? I have been trying for several days to get through the App Volumes lab (1458) but to no avail. When trying to open the Capture VM through the vSphere console it throws errors and is unable to connect. When, on the rare occasion, I am able to connect, starting the install of Adobe Reader from the provided share simply hangs. It gets to 1.2% and then hangs for hours on end. The rest of the machine is responsive, if a little bit slow, the download of the Adobe Reader files simply isn't going through.

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          DougBaer Master
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          Apologies for the delayed response.


          Posting here, or sending an email to hol-feedback@vmware.com is your best bet, and submitting feedback via the survey that pops up when you end the lab may receive a faster response.


          We try to stay on top of postings, but "VMworld season" tends to consume a large portion of our time from August through the end of the year as we release new labs at VMworld and present them around the world at events.


          The 1458 lab was not one of our mainstream labs and may not have received as much polish. I would suggest looking at the new versions with App Volumes content. The following labs have such content:


          HOL-MBL-1651 - Advanced Technical Concepts of Horizon 6 from A to Z

          HOL-MBL-1652 - Delivery and Management of the Transforming Desktop

          HOL-MBL-1654 - Application Delivery and Lifecycle Management



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            slowroland Novice



            I'm trying to start the lab HOL-MBL-1651, but it states to start for about two minutes and then I fall back to the list of labs where I can't find it anymore. This happens in IE 11 and Firefox ESR 38.3. Several month ago I had the same issue with an other lab. Last time I gave up, but for now I'm more interested in using this lab.




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              bsalek Expert
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              slowroland, I just launched the lab with no problem on Chrome 47.0.2526.80 (64-bit) on OS X. It took 27 seconds. Can you close the browser tab and start over again? I've never seen the lab disappear. Even if you have a cookie issue and are being logged out, the lab should still be inthe list, and you would need to auth again to launch it.



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                slowroland Novice

                Hello Bryan,


                I've just tested it with Chrome 47.0.2526.80 (under Windows 7). The same issue.


                I've tried to start from here:


                And after click on Launch a new window opens and after about two minutes I fall back to the list of available labs, where the desired lab HOL-MBL-1651 is not listed there...




                So I don't know what to try next ...



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                  Adam Eckerle Hot Shot
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                  slowroland, you are searching for a Mobility lab in the SDDC sub folder. Please try clicking on All Labs in the upper left.


                  Also, are you behind a corporate firewall? Sometimes those block necessary ports which could be a reason why you cannot successfully connect to the lab. Just as a test you might try tethering from your phone or testing a different wi-fi connection if you have any other internet options available.

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                    bsalek Expert
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                    Adam is probably right. Click the Mobility or All Labs link in that left nav bar. That is probably just a UI quirk in the transfer from the Guided Eval page to the Hands On Labs.

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                      slowroland Novice

                      Yes, I am behind a corporate Firewall. Tethering is no option, as I don't have a WLAN on my Desktop. So I will talk to our Firewall guys. Thanks alot.

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                        DougBaer Master
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                        A lot of times, behavior like this has to do with the cookies configuration of your web browser.


                        We usually have people check to make sure accepting 3rd party cookies is enabled (at least for *.vmware.com and *.projectnee.com) and clearing the web browser cache (again, at least for those two domains) is a good idea.


                        Beyond that, at the others have mentioned, we do have issues when running behind certain firewalls or proxies. The websockets connection that we use to display the console does not deal well with being proxied and many customers with products like WebSense have created bypass rules in order to be able to use the labs on their corporate networks.


                        As a troubleshooting step, and to rule out configuration of your account, machine and browser as possible issues, we usually recommend trying from a different network like a home or coffee shop.


                        I hope that helps,