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    Inventory into Folders and vApps

    FranckyT Lurker

      Hi there,


      Just a question about the inventory modes in vSphere client.

      I'm discovering vApps. If I understand well, they work like containers for multiples virtual machines but I also use folders to organize my virtual machines.

      The question is how to have my machines both into their dedicated vApp container in Inventory - Host & Clusters and into their usual folder in the Inventory - VM & Templates view ?


      For example, after moving a VM in a new vApp I created, this VM also moved from its original folder. So it seems it's not possible to mix the vApps view with Folders view ? The vApp organization changes the Folders repartition !!!
      If I don't mistake, it's not the case with Resources Pools.


      Thanks for any idea.

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          npadmani Master
          VMware EmployeesvExpert

          vApps in VMs and Templates inventory are being treated as single entity, moving it's component VM will move it's location completely. One of the use case of VM is to manage a multi-tier app in a single container, in that case I would be more interested move whole multi-tier app together, not one of the component.


          while Resource Pools are not even visible in VMs and Templates Inventory so VMs which are child object of Resource pools in Host and Cluster inventory are free to move around across different folders in VMs and Templates inv. view.


          so yes, you are right. You cannot expect vApps and Resource pools to be giving similar behaviour in VMs and Templates Inv. view

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            Jimmy15 Enthusiast

            As per my understanding vApp and Resource Pools are altogether different objects.

            vApp is used for multi tier applications and their starting order ,

            Resource Pool is for hierarchical (Parent/Child)  approach to provide resources to VMs underneath.

            I think we can't search VMs in VM-Template view those are part of vApp object. only Group name will be listed.

            you are correct about Resource Pools.




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              FranckyT Lurker

              Thanks both of you for your explanations.

              I guess I now have to rearrange my VMs so that there will be no confusion between Folders, vApps and Resources Pools.

              Thanks again.